Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Iraq health care 'in deep crisis'

So claims The BBC in another anti-war hit piece.

Iraq's health system is in a far worse condition than before the war, a British medical charity says.

Two things jump out from the first paragraph.

First, the BBC does not know that "Iraq health care 'in deep crisis'", they say "a British medical charity says" so. That doesn't stop the BBC from using the scare headline which fits nicely with anti-war sentiment. The BBC hopes this will stop you from questioning their source. Besides the "source" is after all a "British medical charity" and who would question them?


Second, the source is called Medcat and who are they you may and should ask?


Medact was formed by a merger of two older organisations in 1992. The first, the Medical Association for the Prevention of War, was founded by Sir Richard Doll, Horace Joules, Lionel Penrose and others in 1951 during the Korean War as a medical lobby for peace. The second, the Medical Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons, was founded in 1980 and was instrumental in undermining the idea that nuclear war was "survivable". Medact's work on war and weapons continues today, and is now complemented by action on the health impacts of poverty and environmental change.

Things that make you go, hmmmm. "Medact's work on war and weapons continues today". What does this statement mean? Well since Medcat is a merger of two well known former anti-war groups, the answer is anti-war work. But hey, it fits the BBC's anti-war and by extension, anti-American crusade.

Medcat has been in the firing line before.

Deep down in the story we are at least given a snippet of the Iraqi governments position.

However, an official at the Iraqi health ministry, Dr Shakir al-Ainachi, said that in the past year the interim government had made a lot of progress in repairing the health care system.

He said government warehouses were full of medical supplies and were being distributed by the lorryload every day.

Readers wanting to balance out the never ending "the sky is falling" from the BBC and other MSM, might want to check out Cherenkoff's site where he does an outstanding job of providing a great round up of good news from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Islamic world.

UPDATE: It just keeps getting better and better.

MSNBC has the story and offers this insightful tidbit the BBC left out.

The report, which is based on interviews in Jordan with Iraqi civilians, relief organizations and health professionals who worked in Iraq, called for Britain to set up an independent commission to investigate civilian casualties and to provide emergency relief and a better health system.

Got that? "Iraq health care 'in deep crisis', says the BBC, who heard it from Medcat, who heard it from some people in Jordan!!

We know Medcat is an anti-war organization but who are these "Iraqi civilians, relief organizations and health professionals who worked in Iraq"? We are not told.

The BBC heard it from an anti-war group who heard it from someone else and so that is good enough for the BBC to run with the scare headline.

I want my BBC tax money back!

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