Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Guardian: tsunami suffering due to Iraq war

Check out this drivel from George "Moonbat" Monbiot in the Guardian.

But one obvious question recurs. Why must the relief of suffering, in this unprecedentedly prosperous world, rely on the whims of citizens and the appeals of pop stars and comedians? Why, when extreme poverty could be made history with a minor redeployment of public finances, must the poor world still wait for homeless people in the rich world to empty their pockets?

The obvious answer is that governments have other priorities. And the one that leaps to mind is war. If the money they have promised to the victims of the tsunami still falls far short of the amounts required, it is partly because the contingency fund upon which they draw in times of crisis has been spent on blowing people to bits in Iraq.

Well, gee George maybe we should sit around and do nothing all the time until a disaster strikes. That is of course if you do not consider the millions murdered by Saddam as a disaster.

And what's this George about "homeless people in the rich world to empty their pockets?" Sandra Bullock, the actress is giving a million dollars, and I really don't think she is homeless, do you Moonbat, er, George?

I'll tell you something else, you moonbat, you better have the government do some checking for benefit fraud if these "homeless" people can give £50 million!!

Moonbat George ends with this plea:

You can join the campaign against global poverty at: www.makepovertyhistory.org

Well, George if you would get your head out of your ass you might be able to learn something like this:

According to a recent study by the World Bank, 2004's growth reflected "an expansion without precedent over the past 30 years." Equally encouraging, the report notes that "the rapid growth of developing economies ... has produced a spectacular, if not historic, fall in poverty."

F**** moron.


Neal Boortz has much more on this and where it is headed.

Now ... what's missing from these comments? One word. Freedom. The greatest mechanism for ending poverty the world has ever seen is capitalism and the free enterprise system, yet we see no comments from any of these exalted commentators and politicians relating to ending third world tyranny and bring the wonders of economic freedom to bear in a worldwide war on poverty.

Let me tell you where this is going. Read those comments again and you'll see references to "giving" and "giving up." You see condemnations, not praise for capitalism. These people are obviously focused on the idea of taking the current worldwide economic pie re-slicing it so that everybody gets a peace. Nobody is talking about simply baking a bigger pie.

The anti-West, anti-capitalistic left is going to use this tsunami as a platform to promote not a rise in worldwide economic freedom, but for an increase in worldwide wealth redistribution. The United States, as the richest nation in the world, is going to be cast as the villain, while poor third world countries will be presented to us as the victims.

Read the whole thing.

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