Friday, July 01, 2005

Britain - Fisking the Guardain

Scott does a great job of fisking Simon Tisdale's nonsense.


Then Tisdale even has the gall to claim that it is Bush’s advisors who are fostering domestic political hostility.

"Off-stage, Mr Bush's chief adviser, Karl Rove, was busily drawing divisive domestic battlelines, lambasting Democrats and other "liberals" who he said wanted "to offer therapy and understanding for our attackers".

Is it possible that Tisdale is so astonishingly ignorant of American politics that he is unaware of what the Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean has been saying in the last 6 months? Dean has at various times called Republicans “evil”, “corrupt”, and “brain dead”, and claimed that Republican voters have “never made an honest living in their lives.” But Tisdale would have you believe that it is Rove who is drawing divisive domestic battlelines? If ignorance is not to blame for this ludicrous judgement, then surely it must be contempt for the intelligence of his audience.

The contempt for the intelligence of their audience is what the Guardain counts on.

The Guardian reported at lenght on the Democrat's charge that Republicans were responsible for widespread voter fraud in last years presidential elections. They are strangely quiet now that the Democrats own investigation found wide spread voter fraud in Ohio - by Democrats. Or on the convictions of Democrats for voter fraud in St. Louis.

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