Friday, December 23, 2005

UK - Muslim planned revenge attack

Well at least the Telegraph isn't afraid to indentify him as a Muslim. Unlike the BBC, who are covering for Muslims.

And another Muslim apologist, the Guardian, calls him a "market trader".

Which reminded me of this BBC report which hid the fact that the terrorist was a Muslim and simply refered to him as a plumber.

This seems to be the new trend in British media, struggling to find new ways of hiding the terrorist's Muslim identity, they refer to them by their job titles.

There is a danger here that we might see a backlash against plumbers, market traders or even bin men. Come to think of it, why hasn't there been a backlash against "bin Men"? They're obviously connected to "bin Laden".

I wonder if their unions will rally and call for and end to this discriminatory practice like Muslims have?

(for my non British readers, a bin is a trashcan)

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