Saturday, April 15, 2006

Islam - The carnage of "peace"

The BBC and others would have us believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that violence is being done in Islam's name by a minority.

A reader at Biased BBC put together a list of 12 BBC reports on Muslim violence from just one day.

Every link which follows has a date stamp of Friday the 14th and has been taken from the BBC website;

Bombs go off in Indian Mosque; 4910028.stm

Muslim terrorist attack in Kashmir 4909126.stm

Muslim terrorist attack in Afghanistan 4909348.stm

Muslims strike in Pakistan over Muslim terrorist attack on Tuesday 4909030.stm

Muslim Chad cuts diplomatic links with Muslim Sudan over terrorist attacks. 4909650.stm

Muslims attack Christians in Nigeria 4909156.stm

Muslims kill Muslims in Iraq 4909246.stm

Muslims attack Christians in Egypt with knives 4909378.stm

US blacklists Muslim terrorist group 4908958.stm

US blacklists another terrorist group 4910860.stm

British soldiers hurt in Terrorist attack in Afghanistan 4909054.stm

Police granted more time to interview Muslim on terrorist charges in Scotland 4909242.stm

All of this is from just one day!

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