Monday, October 23, 2006

UK - Glasgow Muslim demonstration a bust?

Little Bulldogs points out this report from yesterday's Independent.

Thousands of people are expected to join to rally in Glasgow today protesting against anti-Muslim rhetoric among politicians and in the media.

The rally, organised by the Glasgow Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain, was prompted by fears that recent statements by government figures had led to the growing number of attacks on Muslims and increasing sectarian sentiment.

How nice. The communist led anti war movement and Islamists united.

So, how many thousands showed up?

Today's Independent doesn't say. That's strange.

So I checked the communist web site at Stop the War Coalition to make sure the protest was actually planned. Yep, it's there on the website. Hmmmm.

So I checked the Herald which bills itself as Glasgow's broadsheet. Nothing there.

I continue my search and check out Glasgows Evening Times. Nada. Zip.

Come on now. If there was a march of thousands of people, surely somebody would have noticed. Let's try The Scotsman's Glasgow section. Nothing. Zilch.

Even a Google search turns up nothing. Hey, I know, let's check out the communists Stop the War Coalition's web site for details! Surely they reported on the march that was suppose to attract thousands.

Nothing. But they do have a phone number on their website, so, what the heck I'll give them a call. They don't know anything about the protest! The woman on the phone says it was organized by the local branch and she gives me their name and number. I call the number provided ( a mobile, maybe they don't have offices) and speak to a lady who informs me she wasn't at the protest (??) but understands it went well. She says call back in an hour and she'll let me know or give me a number to someone who does.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and warm yesterday so one would expect a good turn out and the left wing media love these protests. So, why no reports? Maybe people have wised up to the communist/Islamist nature of Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain.

UPDATE 23 Oct 06 2:10pm

The Stop the War Coalition lady in Glasgow I spoke to, the one who wasn't at the demonstration, called back and gave me two mobile numbers of the people who orgnanized the event. Neither phone number works.

Now that's funny.

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