Thursday, October 19, 2006

US - Bush's Tet offensive a good political move

Why? Becuase it will remind America that the Tet offensive was a total disaster for the North Vietnamese and Vietgong. But instead of surrendering, thanks to the left wing media and the communist led anti war movement, the North decided to fight on. The North even give credit to the left wing media and the communist led anti war movement.

Even Giap admitted in his memoirs that news media reporting of the war and the anti-war demonstrations that ensued in America surprised him. Instead of negotiating what he called a conditional surrender, Giap said they would now go the limit because America's resolve was weakening and the possibility of complete victory was within Hanoi's grasp.

And the North used the communist led anti-war movement in its war strategy.

Bui Tin, who served on the general staff of the North Vietnamese army, received South Vietnam's unconditional surrender on April 30, 1975. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal after his retirement, he made clear the anti-war movement in the United States, which led to the collapse of political will in Washington, was "essential to our strategy."

John Kerry was the leader of that movement that the North considered "essential to our strategy". To this day, John Kerry has not been prosecuted for negotiating with the North Vietnamese while still serving in the US Navy.

How many millions of lives would have been saved had the North surrendered instead of going the limit due to the left wing media and anti war movements subversion?

The communist led anti war movement is trying to do the same in Iraq. Only this time the left are aided by Islamists.

So, it's a good political move to remind the world who the enemy is and how the left aids them.

The Left, communists and Islamists all united. There is no greater threat to the world than this axis of evil.

Tiger Hawk has similar thoughts.

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