Monday, October 16, 2006

US - Muslims urged to leave US before attack

That's according to this report.

Urgent news from Peshawar. The head of the Islamabad-based Al-Quds Media Center has received a message from a senior Taliban leader who calls upon all Muslims living in the United States to leave the country as soon as possible "because God's punishment will fall upon America in the month of Ramadan."

Jamal Ismail, a senior journalist at Al-Quds, received the call Thursday from Mulla Masoom Afghani. "Afghani said he was speaking from somewhere in the Kandahar province," Ismail said. "He read the message in Arabic, which I recorded. In it he advised Muslim residents of America to get out to escape harm because the United States could face big attacks in the month of Ramadan."

Ramadan ends on Oct 22 or 23 depending on where you live.

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