Thursday, October 05, 2006

US - Why does the left hate free speech so much?

Here's how the left feel about free speech.


More from Powerline including eye witness accounts. He also notes this:

"Public discourse at Columbia is for now in the hands of intellectual savages. Does the university have the wherewithal to restore the conditions of freedom? It prominently advises students:"

The Rules of University Conduct (Chapter XLI of the Statutes of the University) provide special disciplinary rules applicable to demonstrations, rallies, picketing, and the circulation of petitions. These rules are designed to protect the rights of free expression through peaceful demonstration while at the same time ensuring the proper functioning of the University and the protection of the rights of those who may be affected by such demonstrations.

The Rules of University Conduct are University wide and supersede all other rules of any school or division. Minor violations of the Rules of Conduct are referred to the normal disciplinary procedures of each school or division ("Dean's discipline"). A student who is charged with a serious violation of the Rules has the option of choosing Dean's discipline or a more formal hearing procedure provided in the Rules.

The left cares none for that. Silence the other side is all they care about. Free speech did you say? Only for the left it would seem.

Interestingly, I never saw any left wingers jump on the stage when Iran's mad President was here, demanding he stop purging the universities and stoning women.

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