Wednesday, October 03, 2007

US - Democrats vote for the Iraq war again

And to show how the Democrat presidential candidates play politics with the war in Iraq, look who didn't show up for the vote.

"Tellingly, the Democrats running for office from the Senate all managed to miss the vote -- Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Chrsi Dodd, and Joe Biden."

Now they can all say "I didn't vote to fund the war". Yes, but they didn't vote to end it either, now did they? Obama's failure to show up for the vote is even more rich since he had this to say about the war in Iraq today.

"That’s the truth as we all understood it then, and as we need to understand it now. And we need to ask those who voted for the war: how can you give the President a blank check and then act surprised when he cashes it?"

Good question Obama and your answer is?

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