Saturday, May 24, 2008

UK - Exeter bomb suspect 'was Islamic convert'

Here's an interesting bit of the story.

"Mr Melville said: “Our investigations so far indicate Reilly, who has a history of mental illness, had adopted the Islamic faith.

“We believe, despite his weak and vulnerable state, he was preyed upon, radicalised and taken advantage of.” "

It wasn't despite his state, it was because of his mental state. We've seen this sort of thing in Iraq, where al Qaeda have resorted to mentally ill people due to a shortage of "true believers".

This case raises a lot of serious questions as reported by the daily Mail.

"The Muslim convert held after a nailbomb restaurant attack had been under surveillance by the security services, it was claimed last night.

Counter-terrorist officers suspected mentally-ill Nicky Reilly had forged links with known Islamic extremists at an internet cafe near his home."

So, just like the 7/7 Muslim bombers, he slipped through the net.

Where did he become radicalized and who recruited him?

"Neighbours said Reilly often held meetings at a halal shop and cafe, and a fish and chip shop, both 100 yards from his home.

Bradley Kinsman, 22, said: 'He started hanging out with some Muslims. They were always there talking.

'The halal shop is open until 2am and we'd see Nicky coming and going and being picked up in cars until the early hours.' "

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