Friday, April 17, 2009

Notre Dame to cover up Christ for Obama?

Georgetown did.

"The White House acknowledges that it asked Georgetown University, a Catholic institution, to cover up prominent Christian symbols for President Obama's economic speech this past Tuesday. The symbols, the letters "IHS" which stands for Jesus Christ, and a cross, are engraved on a pediment that stands behind the stage from which Obama delivered his address. Both the cross and the symbolic representation of Jesus' name were not hidden by the background drapes that the White House wanted for the event, and so the Administration asked the school to cover them."

Over to you Notre Dame

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Bobbie said...

That administration should be checked out to make sure they are not working for someone other than America. Trader I call them! These people are like ants they are coming in from nowhere. God please do not cater to these people or we are doomed. If they do not like are way of god let them return to where they belong. If we do not get rid of them they will get rid of us.

Brain Bliss