Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mighty scandal growing from one ACORN

Powerline has some thoughts and links.

It's often said that, it's not the crime that does you in but the cover up. It might be said of scandals, it's not the scandal that does you in but your reaction to it.

America's vaunted news media, both print and broadcast, aren't involved, so far as we know, in the ACORN scandal. But, the media's reaction, by not reporting it and thereby trying to cover it up, may do far more harm to the media than any biased reporting of the past; as in the Van Jones saga. Why?

American's are horrified to learn that a government funded organization is involved in, not only prostitution but child prostitution. In other words, it's being done in their name and their angry about it. Worse, it involves trafficking in child sex slavery.

While their anger is directed at ACORN itself for the moment, as more videos come out, as did yesterday, the public are starting to wonder why they haven't been told earlier about the scandal. In addition, why were two amateurs able to scoop all, repeat all, of the national media? What is America paying these professional journalist for? Americans know a cover up when they see it and they don't like it.

Politicians would be wise to watch how they react to this scandal; siding with ACORN would be suicide. So far Obama has remained silent - just like the media. Bad move.

This scandal is far from over. We are told there are more videos to come. So far three states have started investigations. There are calls on the Hill for investigations and maybe even an independent prosecutor. All of which may lead to further investigations into organizations like the SEIU.

In short, the ACORN scandal maybe as big if not bigger than Watergate. And we all know how that turned out.

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