Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ashcroft v. Napolitano

No contest.

"Ashcroft was mocked as a provincial hick who didn't know much. Napolitano — who runs our immigration service and was governor of a border state — thinks it's not a crime to illegally cross the border and insists that the 9/11 hijackers came from Canada.

John Ashcroft was a dangerous ideologue because he believed the war on terror is real. But Janet Napolitano isn't a dangerous ideologue for believing the war on terror isn't real?

What sounds more ideologically blinkered after 9/11?

Ashcroft's view: Organized Islamic terrorists want to kill Americans in a holy war.

Napolitano's view: Islamic terrorist attacks are merely "man caused disasters" by disturbed individuals — who should be assumed to be acting alone as criminals, not terrorists, despite credible evidence — while peaceful "right-wing extremists" should be given extra scrutiny on the assumption they could well be terrorists."

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