Sunday, February 13, 2005

BBC vs Bloggers

Larry Kudlow of NRO takes a look at the blogsphere's role in exposing CNN's anti-war bias.

Kudlow notes that several Senators were present when CNN's Jordan claimed that US forces in Iraq were deliberately targeting journalists. More importantly, since legacy media were refusing to cover the controversy surrounding one of their own, it was the bloggers who kept the pressure on CNN and Jordan to come clean; something they still haven't done but at least Jordan resigned. It was through bloggers that the Senators, and the rest of us, were able to follow and indeed influence the story. In short bloggers brought down Jordan just like they had CBS's Dan Rather.

It's not just in the media arena that bloggers are flexing their muscle. Bloggers directly affected the last US presidential elections by, among other things, exposing CBS's use of forged documents in an attempt to smear Bush.

Yes our American blogger brothers are basking in the glow of success upon success in taking on legacy media in the US. The same legacy media that turned success into defeat in Vietnam and turned world opinion against the US for generations. The tide has turned.

Kudlow ends smugly with this:

Seeing as the blogosphere's reporting has moved into the upper reaches of the U.S. Senate, it is unlikely that CNN will succeed in its attempted cover-up. Freedom of the press is the best disinfectant for public corruption. Bloggers are doing their duty.


While I am overjoyed at the success you guys are having across the pond, you are only doing part of your duty (an interesting phrase that needs exploring in more detail at a later date).

Kudlow says this about Jordan's remarks:

And, yes, I believe his remarks border on wartime treason, since they so clearly give aid and comfort to our terrorist enemies as well as anti-American Arab militants throughout the Middle East.

He also notes the influence the high priests of the US blogsphere are having in the US.

Powerhouse bloggers such as John Hinderaker, Glenn Reynolds, and Hugh Hewitt, among many others, have flexed their muscles and badly bruised CNN on this story.

Well bigshots where is your outrage when The BBC's version of Eason Jordon, John Simpson, lies about civilian casualties in Iraq? Surely this borders on wartime treason and gives aid and comfort to our terrorist enemies? Why don't you "Powerhouse bloggers" flex your muscles and take on the BBC?

Where is your outrage when the BBC are caught red handed, not once but twice, using anti-war activists to fabricate alleged war crimes by US forces in Iraq? See here and here.

Where is your outrage when BBC journalists, like Hannah Bayman, are caught making comments, albeit on their personal blogs, about Bush and US elections such as this:

There is only one question in this election: do you want Bush in or out of the White House?

Let's hope the US chooses a candidate who stands for international relationships, abortion rights, medical research, secular values and taxes on the richest...

...instead of a warmongering, oil-grubbing, vote-rigging, drink-driving - haven't you seen Fahrenheit 9/11? - weapons-of-mass-destruction-buying, Kyoto-smashing, bible-bashing, chimp.

Where is your outrage when the BBC use an anti-war organization to fabricate a story about the status of Iraqi health care post invasion?

The BBC have replaced Pravda as the world wide propaganda machine against the US and the best you guys can do is call them BBC mistakes?

Where is your outrage???? Where is it? Why are you hell bent for leather taking on the US media and the BBC's world wide anti-American propaganda crusade gets a pass?

I have emailed you "Powerhouse bloggers" and chided you in an earlier post.

Now I'm calling you out.

You guys are in danger of falling into the same trap as legacy media. Thumping your chests and puffing "The blogosphere has gained near immediate influence and credibility..." When you ignore media scandals on the magnitude of the anti-American crusade being waged by one of the worlds largest propaganda machines, The BBC, you are committing the same sins you accuse legacy media of.

For some strange reason in this day and age of world wide 24/7 connections your "immediate influence and credibility" seem to be limited to the US. Why?

One of the things the blogsphere is good at is "blog swarms". If you feel our US cousins are not doing enough to expose the BBC for their American readers, and indeed the world, email the "Powerhouse bloggers" and post about it on your blog. Maybe we can shame these guys into action the way the shame legacy media.

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