Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Afghanistan - Top Taleban Commander Surrenders

Arab News reports.

KABUL, 4 May 2005 — A top Taleban commander and dozens of his men have surrendered to the Afghan government as part of an arms-for-amnesty scheme, a military official said yesterday. Mulla Abdul Khaliq, locally-known as Haji Malam, and 40 of his guerrillas Monday surrendered to Afghanistan’s military forces in south-central Uruzgan province, Muslim Hamed, the military commander of southern region told AFP.

“He was a big Taleban regional commander. His surrender will help in security in the region,” the general said. He said Khaliq was organizing most of the anti-government insurgencies in the Uruzgan area where the remnants of the Taleban have been frequently attacking government targets and US-led troops since their regime was toppled by a US invasion in late 2001.

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