Monday, June 13, 2005

Iraq - Polls Show Iraqis Support Government

Chrenkoff points us to this poll which shows Iraqis overwhelmingly support their troops and government.

Recent polling data shows that fully two-thirds of Iraqis believe their country is headed in the right direction, Saboon said. While a poll in January showed only 11 percent of Sunni Muslims in Iraq shared that view, that percentage has since grown to 40, he said.

Though Sunnis largely didn't participate in the Transitional National Assembly election Jan. 30, that outlook has changed as well in anticipation of coming elections. Saboon, who is a Sunni, said 92 percent of eligible voters throughout Iraq and 80 percent of the country's Sunnis are likely to vote in the next election. [There goes the civil war .ed]

Saboon told the group that Iraqi security forces now have the confidence of 83 percent of Iraq's population, that 70 percent are confident in the transitional Iraqi government, and that 73 percent believe the government is representative of the Iraqi population.

The "vast majority" of Iraqis do not support the insurgency, Saboon said. He added that the presence of coalition forces ranks fifth among the concerns of Baghdad residents, who believe having good sewer services in the city is more important.


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