Tuesday, November 28, 2006

UK - The end of one law for all?

More like the end of Britain.

Ethnic and religious courts are gaining ground in the UK. Will this lead to different justice for different people?

Aydarus Yusuf has lived in the UK for the past 15 years, but he feels more bound by the traditional law of his country of birth - Somalia - than he does by the law of England and Wales.

Which is another reason they're not integrating.

So how did this court come about? Some academic lawyers see these alternative legal systems as an inevitable - and welcome - consequence of multiculturalism.

Those wackademics and the BBC might welcome it but multiculturalism is dead. That doesn't stop the BBC from championing Islamic law.

Amongst the UK's Muslims there are sharply contrasting views about Sharia or Islamic law in the UK. Sharia is the historic legal foundations of the Islamic world - like English law, it has developed over centuries but is based on simple principles.

Yes, like death to gays, stoning of women, requiring rape victims to have four witness and if they can't, punish the victim, death to those who leave Islam, just to name a few.

Then the BBC turn to their go to Muslim organization, the Islamists front group, The Muslim Council of Britain.

The UK's most prominent Muslim organisation, the Muslim Council of Britain, opposes the idea, saying it will not support a dual legal system.

And why would they not support a dual legal system, Auntie? Because they want one legal system - Islamic.

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