Wednesday, January 02, 2008

US - “Miss Bill? Vote Hill!” Clinton that is.

Dowd of the New York Times slimes Hillary - deservedly so.

"“Miss Bill? Vote Hill!” reads one button being sold outside their events. By the time Bill and Hill are finished with you, you could be forgiven for thinking that she had personally forged the peace accord in Northern Ireland while socking away the $127 billion Clinton budget surplus and dodging bullets en route to ending ethnic cleansing in Bosnia."

You can read about Hillary's fantasy trip to Bosnia here. Next thing you know, she'll be wearing a John Kerry Cambodia hat.

Dowd continues.

"Has Hillary truly changed, and grown from her mistakes? Has she learned to be less stubborn and imperious and secretive and vindictive and entitled? Or has she merely learned to mask her off-putting and self-sabotaging qualities better? If elected, would the old Hillary pop up, dragging us back to the dysfunctional Clinton kingdom? She is speaking in a soft, measured voice in these final days, so that, as with Daisy Buchanan, you have to lean in to listen. But is she really different than she was in the years when she was so careless about the people around her getting hurt by the Clinton legal whirlwind that she was dubbed the Daisy Buchanan of the boomer set?"


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