Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BBC's very best shows in television journalism axed

Here's how the BBC billed its US version of Paxman's Newsnight.

"Grant, who is also Executive Producer of the new show, says...: "Newsnight is one of the very best shows in television journalism - it's fearless. It asks the questions that beg to be asked but rarely are. If you want to get answers, really get answers, to the important questions, understand what happenedthis week and what mattered, Newsnight is for you."

So, how'd that work out? The show was axed.

"Last year, BBC Worldwide launched a much-hyped, Paxman-anchored US version of the popular show and gave it pride of place in their schedule on Friday nights.

But after a series of poor ratings the corporation first downgraded the show to Thursday nights, before axing it altogether following the US elections."

Now, if they would just ax the BBC altogether.

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