Sunday, April 12, 2009

Muslim MP criticizes killing Muslim terrorists

Whose side is Sadiq Khan on?

"A GOVERNMENT minister has called for Britain to distance itself publicly from the American policy of launching attacks on Al-Qaeda terrorists with pilotless drones to avoid inflaming Pakistani opinion.

Sadiq Khan, the community cohesion minister, said he had listened to the “anger and frustration” of students in Islamabad over US attacks inside Pakistan."

Now you know.

Update. This is the kind of the terrorist Khan seeks to protect.

"Despite this known track record, Rauf’s real importance had been underestimated. About four years ago he became Al-Qaeda’s director of European operations.

Last November Rauf was reportedly killed when three American Hellfire missiles from a CIA predator drone destroyed a mud-built bungalow in a village in North Waziristan, in the lawless tribal lands that span the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. "

Update. Remember those Pakistani students Khan says he listened to? Would that be these students?

"A number of the 11 Pakistanis arrested were from the tribal areas and had been admitted to Britain on student visas. "

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