Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nicolas Sarkozy backs a ban on the full Muslim veil - Times Online


Anonymous said...

As a first time reader of the times may I ask if you are in the real world?As a brit I can assure you if something isn't done soon all of europe will be islamic,so viva la france for being H O N E ST.The people in britain aren't listening any more to the drivel of our leftie, socialist politicians.

Marc said...

I agree. I used to be for banning the burqa. Then I found out that leading Islamic scolars declare the burqa is not a religious symblo, in the Koran or the Hadiths. Further, they say it is actually a radical political statement. Which is why Egypt and Turkey ban it in someplaces.

Since the burqa is a radical political statement, I say let them wear it. That way we can easily see who the radical Islamist are.

Brain Bliss