Thursday, January 28, 2010

US to close Guantanamo within three years

"EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – The US will close the Guantanamo prison for terrorism suspects "within Barack Obama's term" of office, after missing last week the self-imposed deadline of one year, an American official told a Brussels audience, praising the support shown by European governments who took in about a dozen inmates. [...]

Mr Fried refused to speculate on a new deadline, but said he was confident the closure could be finalised "during Mr Obama's first term." The US president's mandate ends in January 2013."


Rob Paris said...

Whatever happened to the Executive Order Obama issued on January 22, 2009 stating that Guantanamo would be closed within a year?

Marc said...

Down the memory hole it would seem.

Chris Lawrence said...

Of course, they mean closing the *prison* in three years. What about closing the *base*?

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