Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brain-training PC games 'don't work'

Save your money.

People playing computer games to train their brains might as well be playing Super Mario, new research suggests.

In a six-week study, experts found people who played online games designed to improve their cognitive skills didn't get any smarter.


Anonymous said...

Uh, first of all, SIX WEEKS? You can dismiss this one as junk science, probably paid for by someoen with an agenda. Six weeks is barely time to retrain the brain in small tasks temporarily, much less make a drastic enough change in the "brain power" to be measured....and we won't even go into your crude measurements of "brain power". This is like someone walking outside and saying, "Hey, the temperature has changed, it must be X. Let's see if more of Y makes it change back...nope, Y doesn't seem to have any effect, I gave it ten minutes...guess I was right about X". Not enough time, probably a small group (less than a hundred thousand over less than ten years barely scratches the surface), and some questionable controls, definitions, and practices, I'm betting. But that's just expert should read the study and rip it up properly.


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