Monday, April 12, 2010

Carbon credit documentary should not have been shown, BBC admits

BBC admits the show misled the public but insists it was balanced. Say what?

First we are told:

A BBC documentary about socialite Robin Birley and his carbon credits business venture in Africa should never have been broadcast, an internal inquiry by the corporation has found. Millions of viewers were misled because the sympathetic documentary shown on BBC World News failed to declare that it was financed by a secretive trust that was linked to Birley.

But then the BBC insist:

Rockhopper TV, the production company that made the documentary, knew but did not disclose to BBC executives, of links between Envirotrade and the Africa Carbon Livelihood Trust, which funded the making of the documentary. Had it done so, Taking The Credit, the documentary, would never have been shown, the BBC ruled, although it also claimed the programme was balanced.

Claimed by whom? How can a program be both balanced and mislead millions of viewers? Only in the BBC's world.

So, who was behind this scam?

Rockhopper, which is run by Richard Wilson, a former BBC environment correspondent,...

I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!!

Here again, tax payer money is being used in a climategate scam and the BBC are up to their necks in it.

However, in October 2007, the EC suspended its last €450,000 payment for the project and concluded the following year that unsubstantiated claims were being made about its environmental impact.

Do tell. Learned that from Al Gore did we?

This is what this whole climategate scandal is all about, power and money. And these people are scamming millions, if not billions, of people.

It has also emerged that Envirotrade's London arm is insolvent and owes £800,000 to its parent company in Mauritius.

Follow the money and expose the cover up.

Sitaram, executive producer of the documentary, said that had Rockhopper known about the EC's criticisms it would not have touched the project. However, six weeks before broadcast, Fern, a climate campaign group, outlined these criticisms in an email exchange with the programme's researcher.

And who might that have been?

This is a huge scandal and just one of many involving the BBC.

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