Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CNN’s Roland Martin to Tea Party Haters: ‘Shut Up’

Sadly, there are not enough voices like this.

First, let’s deal with the Tea Party haters. Please, shut up.

How can any liberal, progressive, moderate or conservative be mad about a group of Americans taking to the streets to protest the actions of the country? What they are engaged in is constitutional. The freedom to assemble, march, walk, scream and yell is right there in the document we all abide by.

For those who oppose the Tea Party, you have every right to gather with those who agree with you and take to the streets. If they oppose the policies of President Obama, and you support them, demonstrate your support for his agenda. Don’t whine about someone else making noise. Men and women, stand up and be heard.

Folks, this isn’t a radical transformation of the nation shaping up. It’s the latest effort by citizens primarily in one party or professing one ideology to rise up and allow their voices to be heard.

And that’s a good thing.

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