Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dem Fatcats’ Media Front Gets A Pulitzer

Is anyone shocked by this? Thought not.

This article is Pulitzer worthy material itself. The reporter artfully manages to avoid telling his benighted readers anything about ProPublica, which is nothing but a propaganda factory for the Democrat party.

Indeed, ProPublica is the brainchild of the notorious Democrat fatcats Herbert and Marion Sandler. The Sandlers have committed $10 million a year to the project.

As we have noted previously, Herb and Marion Sandler are the co-founders of Golden West Financial Corp. They used their ill gotten gains ($25 billion) from their (highly shady) sale of Golden West to Wachovia to launch an uncountable army of DNC 527s and other front groups.

In 2004 the Sandlers gave $13 million to anti-Bush 527s alone, which was good enough to get them ranked as the fourth largest donors in that election cycle. (After George Soros, Peter Lewis and Stephen Bing.)

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