Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Harvard Sharia Finance: Laughing All the Way to the (West) Bank

Promoting Sharia at Harvard.

“The reasons that Sharia Finance is not the innocuous and desirable industry that you described, are fourfold; at its core, it is about promoting Sharia. Everyone who talks about it as you have…does so as though it has nothing to do with Sharia. This is misleading the public and certainly, misleading investors, many of whom, post 9-11, would not want to have anything to do with an industry that is promoting the violent over-throw of the United States Government.”

“Second, Sharia advisors, integral to this industry, are, without exception, proponents of Sharia, a seditious program…Some are very explicit that Sharia finance is, “Financial Jihad…Jihad with our money.” Third, Sharia advisors have at their discretion the ability to move funds to charities…organizations that have connections…with terror. The biggest problem is that today, the Treasury Department OWNS a substantial portion of the investment companies and would be investing in Sharia.”

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