Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Note to NYT: Wanting to "Take Back America" is Not Just a Conservative Phenomenon

They just don't get it.

But while Zernike tries, with Perlstein's help, to portray the "Take Back America" idea as some sinister right-wing phenomenon, the reality is that this sentiment is pretty typical of any ideological group that finds itself out of power.

It somehow escaped mention, for instance, that during the Bush years, the liberal activist group Campaign for America's Future started holding an annual conference titled "Take Back America."

Even more ironic is that one of the regular speakers at the conferences was none other than Rick Perlstein.

It's not that it's ironic, it's that they hope you had forgotten. The left just can't get it into their heads that, the internet has changed everything. They no longer have a monopoly on truth, history and the news.

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