Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama's Training camp for Tea Party infiltrators?

Find one near you.

Any volunteer undercover agents out there? I'd go but I don't look the part nor could I hold my tongue. (My wife will happily testify to that.) Would be very interesting to get some video. These will taking place all over the country.

Folks, don't be too surprised if the fall elections are not a rout for the GOP/Tea Party. The Dems are light years ahead in grass roots organizing. Andy Stern probably quit the SEIU presidency to organize, advance-train, and be in a position to pull the "shock troop" strings during the election. Will be interesting to see what happens as the Communists Progressives are really good at that bullying stuff.

Tea Party election battle cry, "Remember the Purple Shirts!" Or, "Look out! Purple Shirts!"

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