Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taxes drive gas prices to over $7 a gallon in UK, mass boycott coming soon

Not much in the news about this just now but stay tuned.

Through the power of Facebook, up to a half a million drivers in the UK are expected to boycott gas next month shortly before the nation heads to the polls for a general election in which Prime Minister (PM) Gordon Brown is fighting stiff competition for the win.

Many Brits are upset with recent gas tax increases that were supported and passed by PM Brown. Protesters hope that the mass demonstration will be the nail in the coffin for his chances of winning. Gas prices have soared in Britain, reaching U.S. $1.87 a liter (about $7.06 a gallon) last week. The numbers are a significant increase from a year ago when gas was only $5.55 a gallon. Further upsetting residents, the government pockets a whopping $4.42 from each gallon sold, yet still insists that more taxes are needed. Another government-mandated tax increase is scheduled for this fall followed by one more next winter and, frankly, many people are fed up.

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