Tuesday, April 20, 2010

VIDEO: Byron York discusses efforts by liberals to ‘pre-tar’ the Tea Party protests as a violent

All the violence is coming from the left and yet you wouldn't know that thanks to the left wing media.


adin said...

It's almost impossible to describe the sights and sounds of last Thursday's Tax Day Tea Party without making it seem like it was a crowd of angry, government-hating, probably-racist religious nuts willing to exploit their children.
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Marc said...

"...probably-racist religious nuts willing to exploit their children."

With hundreds of tea parties attended by 10s of thousands of people all around America, and will all the videos of these tea parties, how come there is absolutely no evidence to back up that claim? Is that why it has a caveat of "probably"?

Disagree and argue with them if you want, but simply smearing them without engaging them doesn't help anyone.

On the other hand, we have tons of videos and photographs of the hate and violence from the left.

The internet has and is changing the world forever and the left can no longer hide. Exposing the evil of the left has opened many eyes and aroused a sleeping giant - America.

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