Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Did Jordan avert their own 911?

There have been several reports in the last few days that Jordan apprehended several cars loaded with explosives and many terrorists. And now we get this

Jordan king says unprecedented terror attack thwarted from AFP

I find this very telling The arrest of a suspected terror group in Jordan thwarted an unprecedented attack that could have killed thousands of civilians, Jordan's King Abdullah II said.

The king said the country had "lived through an extremely delicate situation in recent days... but divine protection has thwarted the plans of these criminals and saved the lives of thousands of civilians in what would have been a crime never before seen in the kingdom."

Notice the "thousands of civilians"?

and this

He said his assessment of the magnitude of the threat was based on the "quantity of explosives found" in cars that had been seized, as well as the "manner in which the terror operation was to be carried out and the choice of civilian targets."

and this

A government statement last Saturday said the authorities had intercepted "cars loaded with weapons and explosives... and arrested a group of suspects", thwarting several attacks.

Multiple targets using multiple bombs - sound familiar?

She said that further details will be made public "once the investigation is completed".

Stay tuned for further developments.

And don't forget my earlier post here about Jordan and Canada being the only two countries threatened by bin Laden not have been attacked yet. Is Canada ready?

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