Friday, April 16, 2004

How long has it been since Israel killed Sheikh Yassin?

Nearly a month now and what has been Hamas's response? Not much. Granted the Israelis did foil 10 suicide bombers over Easter but "the Hamas leadership said Ariel Sharon had "opened the gates of hell." Maybe they are building up to something big.

Then there are reports that Hamas has been going door to door seeking donations. Interesting.

And then we get this Arafat, Hamas to form unified leadership from The Washington Times.

What's going on here? Is Israel's policy of eliminating the Hamas leadership working? Is Hamas that weakened? I remember Sadr stating he was the Hamas "arm" in Iraq but now he has caved in and given up on all demands.

No doubt we will see more suicide bombings in Israel but given all the above one has to wonder if Israel is winning the battle over Hamas.

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