Monday, April 05, 2004

Imperialist Worm from Babalu Blog Hat Tip to Inoperable Tehran

As you pass through the door he mocks you, calls you a gusana imperialista, an imperialist worm. Using the same word - gusana - that the Castro followers used to describe all those Cubans that refused to live under his jack boot and fled the island.

You make it back to your car almost in a daze. Head is spinning, blood pressure is through the roof and you start to cry.

You call your husband, also a Cuban exile, and before he can even say what's up you tear into the story and tell him word for word, point by point exactly what you have just experienced. When you are done ranting, your husband asks you how this young guy could have such a nice expensive office on South Beach at such a young age and having come from Cuban only a few years ago. Where did the money come from? You don't know you tell him.

"Well," he says to you, "we should find out. And if it's from where Im thinking it came from, we are going to need to call someone."

"Who?" you ask.

"The State Department for starters....."

Remember the article about terrorist buying and selling property in Maryland? Real Estate is a great money laundering tool.

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