Saturday, April 10, 2004

Russian and Iranian railroad leaders to sign cooperation agreement in Tehran from Pravda

Now I would not normally link to them but this is interesting.

Russian and Iranian railroad leaders will sign a cooperation agreement in Tehran, said Russian Railroads President Gennady Fadeyev in a meeting with Iranian Ambassador to Russia Gholamrez Shafee which took place on the eve of Fadeyev's visit to Tehran. The visit will include a meeting with the Iranian Transportation Minister as well as the political and business elite of Iran. Fadeyev intends to discuss with his Iranian colleagues questions of Russian Railroads' participation in the construction of a railroad network in a number of Iranian provinces as well as the status of the North-South corridor.

Now, lets see, that would be the same Russia calling for us to leave Iraq and the same Iran that is financing Sadr's uprising in Iraq. Neat, real neat.

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