Saturday, April 03, 2004

Wales link to London 'terror plot' from IC Wales

This caught my eye:

The row between the Muslim Council of Britain and radical Muslims showed no signs of abating last night, as controversial cleric Abu Hamza dismissed as "hypocrisy" calls for mosques to guard against terrorists.

Hamza labelled the anti-terror raids "a conspiracy" against Muslim "brothers", and claimed the fertiliser was "created material".

He said the Muslim Council of Britain, which sent a letter to 1,000 mosques urging them to maintain the "utmost vigilance" in the war against terror, were "hypocrites".

Hamza added, "The only person who cares about them is Tony Blair. They are the Blair way introduced by the Labour Government to introduce hypocrisy."

It was all part of a plan to try to make every Muslim an "agent", he claimed.

The cleric was speaking in his usual Friday sermon on the pavement outside north London's Finsbury Park Mosque, which was closed after a police raid in January last year.

Inayat Bunglawala, a spokesman for the Muslim Council, said Hamza's remarks showed "just how black his heart has become".

He added, "Hamza seems to specialise in making inflammatory comments that will pit people against people and this latest outburst fits firmly into that ignoble tradition. His comments will provoke exasperation from British Muslims."

Why not just call this guy a terrorist? He is wanted in several countries for terrorist acts and he has been stripped of his UK citizenship which he obtained via a bigamist marriage to a UK citizen. Meanwhile he continues to collect benefits which we pay for. Guess why he has not been deported or extradited? Human rights groups are financing his legal defense.

bin Laden and his gangs of thugs are laughing everyday.

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