Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Want Al-Qaeda to go away? Just fix the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Need any ammo to shoot (pun intended) down this argument? has some for you. Hat Tip to Inoperable Tehran

Here's a sample:

Because, after all, Al Qaeda was created to fight the Israelis, who were opressing and occupying Afghanistan back in the 1980s. Yes, Osama bin Laden saw the Israeli soldiers in the Khybar Pass and felt the flame of jihad take him (and his hundreds of millions of dollars) to Afghanistan so that he could defeat the Israeli forces there.

Oh, wait. That was Russia. Wait, wait, I know! It was the Israelis that got their warships and embassies and Marine barracks blown up by Al Qaeda. Yeah, that was them. Oh, wait. That was the Americans. So, when did the palestinian issue come into the forefront of Al Qaeda's rhetoric?

Oh. Right. After 9/11, and after American forces went in and rousted out a group of terrorists known as Al Qaeda and sworn to wage jihad until all infidels are out of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab World. But when the world's opinion started turning against them and with the infidel nation, they realized they could easily score points by putting "palestine" into their cause book and putting it into every press release. ("This was for jihad, the Islamic nation, to get the infidels out of our sacred land, and oh yeah, free palestine!")

There's more, read the lot.

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