Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cuba - Fidel Castro announces retirement

Aww, don't you just love the grandfatherly photograph the BBC use for the Communist dictator?

And you've got to love this bit.

"Has outlasted nine American presidents"

Funny how dictators outlast democratically elected presidents, especially American ones who can only serve 8 years consecutively.

But this is just the begnning of the BBC's praise for this ruthless Communist dictator. "Castro: Profile of the great survivor" That's how the BBC sees this Communist dictator who imprisons and tortures anyone who disagrees with him.

"Fidel Castro, who has announced he is stepping down as Cuba's president, has run the country for so long that nearly three-quarters of its people have known no other leader.

Although the US has tried hard to get rid of him, President Castro outlasted no fewer than nine American presidents during his 47-year rule."

Cuban's have "known no other leader" because he won't let them. Dictators have a funny way of keeping it that way.

Castro isn't the only terrorist getting praise from the BBC.

"Cuba's new rulers - who included the legendary Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara - promised to give the land back to the people and to defend the rights of the poor. "

Update via Biased BBC

Here's the caption for picture number 11 here.

"But Fidel Castro retained enough public support to become one of the world's longest-serving leaders."

Tyrants have a way of doing that. Reminds me of how Saddam got 100% during one of his "elections" - before they hanged him.

Good ole Communist loving BBC.

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