Thursday, February 28, 2008

US - "Common Misunderstandings About Muslims"

are being spread by ABC 'News'.

Look who ABC turn to for much in this report, the radical front group with ties to terrorsim - CAIR.

Here's a good example of ABC spreadeing "misunderstandings".

"Misconception: Muslim women are oppressed and forced to wear the hijab.


Women often see it as empowering because they are not viewed as sexual objects but judged by their character.

Muslim advocacy groups point out that four out of the five countries with the largest Muslim populations — Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey — have had female heads of state, something the United States cannot claim. "

"Empowering", really? Is that why Iran beats and arrest women who don't wear it? Perhaps ABC can explain why it's banned as radical politcal statement in many Muslim countries.

As for the second part, like a con artist at a county fair, ABC changes the subject. The question was about wearing the hijab, not about women becoming heads of state. In fact, Turkey is one of the countries that banned the hijab. Also notice how ABC left out Britain's Thatcher.

Media like ABC are a major source of "misunderstandings about Muslims, CAIR is another.

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