Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As Gulf of Mexico oil disaster wears on, blame is finding its way to the White House

How much longer is the left wing media going to give Obama a pass.

Instead, he said, "the finger-pointer in chief" had been "ceding power to BP."

A little earlier, it was much the same sentiment from a very different source: Chris Matthews on MSNBC, suggesting that the Obama administration had been issuing hollow threats to the oil company.

"To this very minute the administration has been watching BP and saying, 'you better do this' ... or what?" Matthews said.

"Just plug it up and then we'll stop blame-gaming," Matthews promised, issuing a general appeal for help from the person or persons who, in the movie version of this disaster film, would ride to the rescue with a plan to seal the leaking well. "There must be some smart kid out there, or geologist," he said.

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