Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Withering critique of Islamic misogyny in … “Sex and the City 2″?

Have liberals and feminists come to their senses?

Soon, however, their Arab sojourn takes unexpected turns. First of all, Carrie encounters her old flame, Aidan (John Corbett), at the spice market, but even more importantly, she and her friends run up against the puritanical and misogynistic culture of the Middle East. The rather scathing portrayal of Muslim society no doubt will stir controversy, especially in a frothy summer entertainment, but there’s something bracing about the film’s saucy political incorrectness. Or is it politically correct? “SATC 2″ is at once proudly feminist and blatantly anti-Muslim, which means that it might confound liberal viewers.

I'm betting liberals will simply ignore it. How else will they square their love of Islam with Islams hate for women?

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