Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Poll: Public Opinion of Democratic Party at All-Time Low

Bear in mind that this with almost the entire media covering for the Democrats. Can you imagine how low the Democrats and how high the Republican numbers would be, if the left wing media did its job and told the truth?

Americans are dissatisfied with both major political parties, but the public's approval of the Democratic Party is at its lowest level ever, a new CBS News poll shows.

Favorable views of the Democratic Party dropped 20 points in the past year to 37 percent, according to the poll, conducted May 20 - 24. Last month, the party's favorability rating stood at 42 percent.

Fifty-four percent of Americans have a negative view of the Democrats, the poll shows.

Republicans have a similarly low favorability rating at 33 percent. That figure, however, is up from 28 percent - the historic low the party received last June. Fifty-five percent of Americans have a negative view of the Republican Party.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job - the highest ever in a CBS News poll.

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