Thursday, October 27, 2005

Iraq - Galloway Named In UN Report

I'm still trying to download the whole PDF report, but Galloway is listed starting on page 79. From what I can gather so far, the UN's internal report backs up what the Senate is saying. So, Galloway can't claim this is a smear job by a lone Senator.

I'll post details when I get them.


I've got to out just now (family business) and won't have time to post details. For some reason the UN disabled copy and paste and we'll have to do this manually or wait for someone else.

Suffice to say Galloway asked the Senate last time to show him the money, well the UN did just that. The part on Galloway takes up nearly 20 pages.

I should imagine Galloway's neck size just got a whole lot smaller.


Waiting for the wife to get ready. I'll post a few details.

According to the UN, Galloway got 18 million barrels of oil allocations in his name and/or Zureikat (his agent). 11 million barrels of oil allocations were directly to Galloway.

The UN report details the payments to Galloway's wife.

The UN report details how the bogus chairty appeal, the Mariam appeal, was used to launder the oil money. There were just small amounts donated by a few individuals.

Iraqi Oil Ministry documents document the oil transactions to Galloway.

Iraqi officials confirm the oil allocations were to aid Galloway in his anti-war campaign.

Whew! There's lots more but I got to go.

The UN report looks far more damning than the Senate one, but they back each other up.

Bye bye Galloway.

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