Friday, January 08, 2010

BBC's Matt Frei clueless about terrorism

Like most in the left wing media, the BBC's Matt Frei is clueless when it comes to Islamic terrorism.

For starters, Frei never mentions Islam once in his report! For Matt, it's as if Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. It's nice to see Matt and the BBC finally admitting that poverty has nothing to do with terrorism. But, they still refuse to acknowledge Islam's role in terrorism. Listen to his description of the underpants bomber.

"Much of the reporting has been focussed on his sojourn in Yemen, the mosque he attended there, the al-Quaeda contacts he made in Sanaa."

But, he was radicalized in a mosque in Britain - mosque being the key both here and in Yemen - Islamic mosques. Get it Matt?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting mantras now making the rounds in Britain.
1. The majority of Moslems are not terrorists but the majority of terrorists are Moslem.
2. The majority of Black people are not criminals, but the majority of criminals are black.
Hopefull this is a sign of change from this governments's PC approach and enforcement using anti-terrorist legislation.

Brain Bliss