Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested at Fort Jackson in South Carolina

"CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were arrested just before Christmas. It is unclear whether the men are still in custody. The five were part of the Arabic Translation program at the base.

The men are suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson. "


amro said...

CBN is known to be an anti-muslim network. PLUS, THESE PEOPLE HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN CONVICTED YET! Haven't you heard you are innocent until proven guilty? Remember Capt. James Yee and Ahmad Al Halabi both muslim soldiers who were at first accused of spying and then freed of all charges. Of course anti-muslim bigots here don't care and love to jump to conclusions. Moreover, NY POST article says: "The Army is taking the allegations “extremely seriously,” Grey said, but so far, "THERE IS NO CREDIBLE INFORMATION SUPPORTING THE ALLEGATIONS.".

Marc said...

Amro, the article doesn't say they are guilty, just that they were arrested and are suspects. So, no one has jumped to conclusions here except you, I'm afraid.

You'll notice I made no comment on the article but merely posted a link and excerpt so readers could read it themselves.

Maybe this will come to nothing but that remains to be seen. If the investigations turns up nothing, I'll post that too.

Thanks for reading.

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