Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Somali woman can claim benefits even if she a 'burden on social assistance' after landmark EU ruling

Pass this on to everyone in your address book.

“Standing proudly with her arm draped over her 36in television, this is the Somali woman who must be given a council house even though she has no right to live in Britain.

Nimco Hassan Ibrahim - who lives with her four children on benefit handouts - was granted the right to the home by EU judges yesterday because she was once married to a Danish citizen who briefly worked in this country. “

Britain is no longer in charge of it’s affairs and is being run by the EU. How do you feel about that?

And think about this next time you go to work busting your ass.

“The landmark EU judgment opens the door for hundreds of thousands of unemployed foreigners to claim both state benefits and council or housing association homes.

In particular, it means migrant families from Poland and other Eastern European countries will for the first time have a right to council housing and state benefits even if they have worked for only a brief period in Britain. “

The important thing to remember here is that, Brown and Labour are doing this deliberately. They want “Britain” to disappear into the EU superstate.

And keep this in mind next time you’re up the town and think about shopping in Shelter.

“The pair came to Britain seven years ago. After eight months working as a bus driver, Mr Yusuf began living on benefits. When they were stopped in March 2004, he left the country.

Mr Yusuf's departure ended Mrs Ibrahim's right to stay in the UK and her right to receive benefits, but six years later, she lives on £1,000 a month through child tax credits, child benefits and child disability allowance.

Her accommodation is paid for and she also uses the NHS, even though she is not entitled to free medical care and has no insurance cover.

Her three-year legal battle was funded by the charity Shelter.

You’ve lost your country. How does that make you feel? Tell your MP how you feel.

Have a good day at work paying for Mrs. Ibrahim courtesy of Labour.

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