Monday, March 29, 2010

I never imagined the town hall Nazis would go quite so mad

This is where America is headed with Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the other Democrats in Congress.

Read the whole thing but here's a sample.

Today's driving force is the great global warming scam, entailing the hiring of legions of eco-warriors and enviro- crime fighters, on salaries commensurate with their self-righteousness.

More than 5,000 new jobs - and counting - have been created by local authorities to cash in on the 'global warming' hysteria and £30k seems to be about the going rate.

Town halls across Britain are estimated to have spent more than £100million recruiting an army of green warriors.

In the People's Republic of Islington, the council advertised for a 'carbon reduction adviser' on thirty grand a year. The advert read: 'Islington Council is leading the way in tackling climate change.'

You could have fooled me. Islington may be leading the way in vindictive parking enforcement, stabbing, street crime, graffiti and child molestation in council care homes. But saving the planet?

Meanwhile, in Tower Hamlets, the poorest borough in London and arguably the most deprived in Britain, 58 employees have job titles which contain the words 'climate change' or 'global warming'.

When Bedford Borough Council advertised for a climate change officer the perks included, wait for it, an 'essential car user allowance'. You couldn't make it up.

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