Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Al-Qaeda operative is security risk but cannot be deported, judge rules

because it would violate their human rights.

Two men who plotted to kill thousands of Britons in a terrorist atrocity cannot be deported because it would infringe their human rights, a court ruled yesterday.

Al Qaeda operative Abid Naseer and his accomplice Ahmad Faraz Khan were planning a 'mass casualty attack', probably against shoppers at the Arndale Centre in Manchester over the Easter holiday last year.

But judges said Naseer, 24, and 26-year-old Faraz Khan - who came to Britain as students - should not be sent back to Pakistan because of the risk they could be tortured.

The result is a major blow for Home Secretary Theresa May, who said she was ' disappointed' with the ruling and pledged to take 'all possible measures' to stop the men from returning to terror.

That is likely to mean they are placed on control orders dictating where they can live and restricting their movements.

Cameron has got to stop this nonsense.

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