Saturday, May 08, 2010

Defending a Local Business From Union Tactics, Part 1

This is called extortion.

The SEIU and other unions across California run a campaign called “Shame On” ‘Insert Business Name Here’. They stand outside businesses trying to make them look bad for not using union workers. This kind of tactic cannot go on any longer! PRIVATE business should be able to choose who they hire and not be forced to do anything that could possibly damage their business. It is time for people to start fighting against these tactics and exposing these people for what they really are.

That's the same SEIU that Obama says are his family - crime family that is.

Part II is here.


Anonymous said...

And this is why unions should be outlawed. They exist solely to economically attack a businessman, to extort from him that which is unfair. No different than the protection rackets of old. Unions have never done one single thing that would not have been done otherwise, though they love to claim they saved the American worker over and over. The same propoganda you'd expect to see fromt those who make their living milking the cows on both sides of the fence.


Marc said...

"No different than the protection rackets of old" yep

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